How effective is orthodontics in teens?

Teen with braces from Vondran Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry specializing in diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental health issues. Generally speaking, it is a surgery performed on teeth to improve their function and appearance. In teenagers, the most common tooth surgery performed by orthodontists is braces.

Teens with straight teeth tend to have higher self-esteem because they don’t feel afraid to smile. With braces, teens can get rid of the crooked teeth that they may have been self-conscious about since it caused them to be embarrassed during class when the flash from a camera was photographing their teeth. In addition, when a teen’s dental health is in proper order, braces can protect their gums and teeth during their young adult years. If they do not wear braces, their wisdom teeth may come in all at once and cause dental problems. Considering braces can prevent painful conditions like these, it is safe to say that orthodontics truly effectively produces quality results for teens.

The most common type of braces is metal brackets bonded to the front of teeth. These brackets are usually made out of metal alloys like nickel-titanium or stainless steel. Another type of braces is self-ligating braces, where instead of metallic ligatures, elastic bands are used to keep the arch-wire in place. Self-ligating braces are less invasive and can be worn by patients that grind their teeth at night or suffer from TMJ.

The effectiveness of orthodontic treatment greatly depends on the type of patient. A person with a small mouth or teeth spaced close together would have to wear attachments called brackets on their teeth for braces. Brackets are made from metal and plastic, and they attach to your two front teeth. At first glance, these brackets look like large U-shaped hooks. You can easily remove them by sliding them off your teeth.

Therefore, here is how effective is orthodontics in teens:

It Can Improve Your Health

Dental health is essential for overall health. By having a healthy mouth, you can have a healthy heart and a healthy mind. If your dental health is not in proper order, braces can help improve the structure of your teeth to achieve optimal oral health.

It Improves Confidence

Parents who want their teens to receive orthodontic treatment should go to a dentist willing to treat teens. Dentists can help your teen achieve the smile of their dreams after they have completed their dental surgery. Dental surgeries like braces require dedication, but they can ensure that you can get rid of any unwanted flaws that may be present in your teeth. Vondran Orthodontics understands that orthodontics can help improve your teen’s confidence in their social life because it boosts teens’ self-esteem. If you are interested in increasing your teen’s confidence, contact Vondran Orthodontics today!

It Prevents Health Problems like Gum Disease

The main reason you should consider getting braces as a teen is that orthodontic surgery can prevent pain. In addition, your doctor can teach you how to properly care for your teeth and gums after the braces have been removed.

Overall, orthodontics is a surgery that anyone can benefit from because it provides a wide range of benefits for teens and adults alike. Not to mention that braces will be an essential part of your life for at least a year or two, which means that braces should be affordable. Because of this, parents should inform their teens about the importance of wearing braces when they are old enough to understand what orthodontists offer.

Can Improve Speech

Braces can straighten your teeth, which means you will have a beautiful smile once you have completed the treatment. In addition, orthodontics is beneficial for speech because it will be easier to pronounce words correctly when your teeth are perfectly aligned. Hence, this can improve your communication skills because you will not hesitate to speak.

Lowers Risk of Tooth Decay

Braces help improve oral health because they will prevent tooth decay, which is common in teens. After you have completed your treatment, it would be difficult to get cavities because braces work by stopping the space between your teeth from getting too wide.

Improves Appearance

One advantage of braces is that they can enhance your smile, which means you will have a more pleasant appearance after the teeth straightening treatment. Also, braces can be expensive depending on where you live in the world, but it is worth it if done correctly and for the long-term benefit of your dental health!

Wearing Braces Can Be Fun!

Braces might be an awkward thing to talk about, but wearing braces is not as bad as it sounds. In addition, many adults choose to wear braces because they want straight teeth and a better smile. Whether you like spending time alone or with friends, you can always take out your invisible braces and flash your pearly whites to anyone you want.

Straighten Teeth

It is advised that you see your dentist as soon as possible if you have gaps between your teeth or teeth that are crooked. Dentists will be able to straighten your teeth for you to have beautiful, healthy-looking teeth.

Lower Risk of Cavities

Once you start seeing a dentist, they can help teach you how to care for your mouth and gums properly. They can also show you different ways to prevent cavities and how to brush your teeth correctly. Orthodontic surgery is worth it!

Why should teens get braces?

This is an excellent question because many other alternatives for improving dental health do not require any surgery. However, braces can be adjusted easily to accommodate changes in your diet, so if you want to eat more sweets than usual one day, it is easy to remove the parts of the braces that interfere with your food.

Overall, the main reason you should consider getting braces for your teen is that it can improve their dental health and prevent cavities. In addition, braces will eventually protect your teeth from decaying because they close any gaps between the teeth and provide a protective barrier.


Overall, orthodontics is an excellent alternative for improving dental health because it can prevent cavities and provides a way to straighten teeth. Not to mention that you will have a better smile after the treatment! Vondran Orthodontics is located in three locations: Little Rock AR, Sheridan, AR, and Russellville, AR; he offers many options, including metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and TMJ treatment. Therefore, if you are looking for qualified orthodontists in Little Rock, Sheridan, or Russellville area, Vondran Orthodontics is the place to visit.



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