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Learn More About Different Types of Crooked Teeth From Vondran Orthodontics

Every oral health professional knows that straight teeth are great for your smile and happiness. But some people have crooked teeth for various reasons: genetics, accident, and in most cases, wear and tear. This blog post will discuss the different types of crooked teeth and how Vondran Orthodontists can help.

Crooked Teeth Types

Crooked Teeth - Vondran Orthodontics
Crooked Teeth – Vondran Orthodontics


This condition occurs when the front teeth are overcrowded. This is most common in young children but may also occur due to genetic factors, including heredity and ethnicity. The most common cause is genetic factors where one or both parents have a crowded smile. This is more prevalent in those who have recessive genetic conditions.


An overbite occurs when the top teeth come past the bottom teeth (biting surface of lower teeth). This is usually due to a short jaw, causing the lower jaw to be higher than the upper jaw. You can do several things to correct a slight overbite jaw, but when the overbite is very prominent, braces are often used to lengthen the jaw and bring the teeth back into a normal position.

Overjet Teeth

This is when the upper teeth protrude forward beyond the lower teeth. Overjet can be caused by growth disturbance, excessive pressure on the teeth, or poor positioning of braces. Braces are set too close to the teeth, which causes space crowding between the upper and lower jawbones. This overjet can also cause facial asymmetry, a crossbite, and an overbite of the opposite tooth nearby.


A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth bite inside your lower teeth. This happens because the lower jaw is too short, the upper jaw is too long, or due to a lack of space between teeth.


An underbite occurs when the lower teeth bite inside your upper teeth. This is more common than overbite because the lower jaw is usually shorter than the upper jaw, which causes the lower teeth to bite inside the upper teeth. This can also cause a crossed bite because the lower jaw’s side teeth are inside the upper jaw’s side teeth.

Open Bite

An open bite occurs when your upper teeth are wider than the lower teeth and do not touch each other. This can make it difficult to chew food properly and cause misalignment of the teeth and tooth wear. This is because when your jaws close, they are not closing correctly. 


When the teeth are spaced apart with no overlap, it is called spacing. There are various reasons for this. Tooth decay, too much or too little space for growing new teeth, or an overbite (a jaw that is too short). Spacing is most common in children but can also occur in adults.


Diastema is a gap between two teeth, usually the front two on top and bottom. It can be caused by genetics and the timing of teeth coming in. Diastema has a factor that is different from spacing which is when one tooth grows in front of another tooth. The permanent tooth will come through and close the space when there is a space between the teeth.

Impacted Tooth

An impacted tooth is when the tooth is pushed inward and cannot come through the gum. This can cause pain, infection, and swelling. An impacted tooth is usually a result of an infection in the gum, and it needs to be treated by the dentist.

Missing Tooth

In some cases, one or more teeth are missing. This can occur because of an accident, dental disease (caused by trauma or cavities), or Health problems. Be sure to see your dentist for regular checkups to prevent unnecessary issues.

How Vondran Orthodontics Can Help

You can prevent oral problems with the help of an orthodontist. By correcting faulty, missing, and crooked teeth, the doctor can help you to smile better, eat better and look better. If you want a beautiful smile, contact Vondran Orthodontics to schedule your consultation and finally have the smile you deserve. 

Dr. Andy Vondran˜˜ is an orthodontist with three locations: Little Rock AR, Sheridan, AR, and Russellville, AR; he offers many options, including metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and TMJ treatment. He works with children and adults, offering conservative treatment and the latest technology to help people achieve a beautiful smile. 

Straight teeth are beautiful, and they make you look more attractive. But some people have straight teeth, but due to their genetics, environment, or other health problems, they have crooked teeth that are not good for their mental and physical health. To get a handsome smile, you need to see an orthodontist and correct your crooked teeth as early as possible.

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